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Human Rights in the Era of Information
Posted: 02-02-2024 21:58 | Views: 775
Interdisciplinary Conference Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May 2024, Reading Society of CorfuHuman Rights in the Information Age:Reference points of history, law, ethics and culture Co-organization of the Cultural and Historical Heritage Documentation Laboratory of TABM, Ionian University, the IHRC Research Group of TABM, Ionian University and the Association of Philologists of Corfu with the (...)
The Ionian University UNESCO Chair at the 42nd UNESCO General Conference - An Account
Posted: 25-11-2023 17:35 | Views: 2954
Attached files
en  pdf.png  42UNESCOGC_CULTUREcom_Summary
Size: 313.44 KB :: Type: PDF document
en  pdf.png  42UNESCOGC_SHScom_Summary
Size: 306.85 KB :: Type: PDF document
en  pdf.png  UNESCO General Conference FAQ
Size: 407.09 KB :: Type: PDF document
en  pdf.png  MONDIACULT Declaration - Mexico City 2023
Size: 242.3 KB :: Type: PDF document
The 42nd session of UNESCO General Conference represented a showcase to the world of what multilateralism in action means. Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director-General
Posted: 23-11-2023 20:46 | Views: 727
The UNESCO Chair onThreats to Cultural Heritage of the Ionian University is proud supporter of the International Scientific Conference on the anniversary of 140 years since the birth of Nikos Kazantzakis and 35 years since the foundation of the International Society of Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis (IFNK) entitled "MEETINGS AND KAZANTZAKIS' TEXTS FOR NON-GREEK WRITERS AND ARTISTS" ; 25-26 November 2023 in the Center of the History of Thessaloniki, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Kazantzakis was a consultant to UNESCO for the promotion of translations of the classics of world literature, with the aim of bridging the cultures of East and West (1947-1948).
UNESCO Chair's PhD candidate Athina Fatsea taking part at the12th Panionian Conference
Posted: 23-10-2023 21:54 | Views: 982
At the 12th Panionian Conference, that was held in Zante from 18 to 21 October 2023, Dr. Maritina Leontsini, PhD, Lecturer Harokopio University and NKUA, Mrs Athina Fatsea, PhD Candidate and Researcher, UNESCO Chair on Threats to Cultural Heritage and Cultural Heritage-related Activities, Ionian University and Rigas Zafeiriou, Sustainable Food Systems Programme Manager, Mediterranean Institute for (...)
Hybrid Workshop "Threats to Cultural Heritage: normative and ethical approaches and contradictions"
Posted: 01-03-2023 20:48 | Views: 4091
Important Date: 15-03-2023
The UNESCO Chair on Threats to Cultural Heritage, the Laboratory for Geocultural Analyses (GEOLab), Department F.L.T.I. and the Laboratory for the Documentation of Cultural & Historic Heritage, Department ALMS of the Ionian University organised on 15th March 2023 18:00-20:30 a hybrid Workshop "Threats to Cultural Heritage: normative and ethical approaches and contradictions".
UNESCO Chair TCHER participated in the UNESCO Regional Consultation for Europe and North America for the development of the future UNESCO framework for Culture and Arts Education
Posted: 12-02-2023 00:25 | Views: 458
From January 2023 to February 2023, UNESCO is organizing a series of online regional consultations. Each consultation is being hosted by a Member State from the region, according to UNESCO Electoral Groups. The consultations provide a platform to bring forward nuanced and contextualized perspectives of regional concerns and priorities in culture and arts education. The outcomes of the six regional (...)
Dr. Dionysios Demetis, received the Association for Information Systems (AIS) senior scholars Best Publication Award
Posted: 15-12-2022 23:38 | Views: 890
Dr. Dionysios Demetis, Senior Lecturer at Hull University, UK, member of the Steering Group of the UNESCO Chair on Threats to Cultural Heritage and Cultura Heritage related Activities was awarded the AIS senior scholars Best Publication Award.
Participation of the UNESCO Chair at the IU at the 30th anniversary celebration of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme
Posted: 14-11-2022 01:33 | Views: 1504
Attached files
en  pdf.png  Concept note
Size: 836.82 KB :: Type: PDF document
UNESCO has convenend a 30th anniversary celebration of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme. This anniversary conference celebrated the accomplishments over the last three decades and advance authentic interdisciplinary dialogues and the cross-sectoral mobilization needed to confront complex challenges on the horizon.
WORKSHOP on Digital Technologies and the future of Illicit trafficking of Cultural Property
Posted: 26-10-2022 02:52 | Views: 754
Attached files
gr  pdf.png  Invitation to Participate
Size: 155.84 KB :: Type: PDF document
en  pdf.png  Program e-Agenda
Size: 23 KB :: Type: PDF document
The UNESCO Chair on Threats to Cultural Heritage organised ον 10/11/2022 a WORKSHOP on Digital Technologies and the future of Illicit trafficking of Cultural Property during EUROMED 2022 International Conference on Digital Heritage - The workshop focused on the latest developments in the use of technologies in the field of illicit antiquities research and on the multidisciplinary dimensions of heritage protection. Various academics presented some of the most important and recent projects, including cross-disciplinary research on already repatriated antiquities and the monitoring of the international antiquities market.
UNESCO Chair holder Professor Stavros Katsios was invited speaker at the CORFU2042 Conference, 21-23 October 2022, Ionian Academy, Corfu, Greece
Posted: 26-10-2022 01:58 | Views: 657
Does the past have a future? Corfu and the promise for sustainability of a World Cultural Heritage city
UNESCO Chair TCHER at the "Europeana 2022 - making digital culture count" Conference
Posted: 01-10-2022 01:26 | Views: 693
Ιn the session “Open innovation in academia-society cooperation: examples of cultural heritage preservation in a crisis situation”, Professor Alex Papadopoulos, representing the UNESCO Chair TCHER made a presentation on cultural heritage threats and your understanding of open innovation to tackle these threats. 
2022 Nishan Dialogue on Chinese and Greek Classical Civilizations"
Posted: 30-09-2022 23:51 | Views: 609
On September 27, 2022, the "2022 Nishan Dialogue on Chinese and Greek Classical Civilizations" was hybridly held, organized by Shandong Province and the Nishan World Center for Confucian Studies.
Workshop "Progress and Prospects: Ten Years of Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries"
Posted: 26-09-2022 21:59 | Views: 660
On 21st September 2022 the Chair's Steering Committee member Asc. Professor Dr. Elena Avramidou participated in the workshop
World Heritage Convention 1972-2022: The Next 50 Years
Posted: 25-09-2022 21:09 | Views: 984
50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention (16 November 2022): World Heritage as a source of resilience, humanity and innovation
International Seminar: Globalization and Global Competencies: New challenges for society in an environment of uncertainty".   UNESCO Chair on Cultural Heritage IU at UNAB (Chile)
Posted: 26-08-2022 23:58 | Views: 1026
Dr. Elena Avramidou, philosopher who served as Cultural and Educational Attaché at the Greek embassy in China and current member of the steering committee and the advisory committee of international cultural societies and foundations, took part at the event organized by the FEN together with the Directorate of Relations Internationals of the U. Andrés Bello.
Collaboratory between the Ionian University's UNESCO Chair and the Institute of Studies on the Mediterranean Rim of China's Zhejiang University of International Studies.
Posted: 13-08-2022 00:04 | Views: 3170
On August 11, 2022, the inaugural workshop took place in the framework of the collaboration between the UNESCO Chair of the Ionian University with the Institute of Studies on the Mediterranean Rim of China's Zhejiang University of International Studies.
Α one day conference on the Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue in local communities - September 6th 2022, Ionian Parliament, Corfu, Greece
Posted: 29-07-2022 00:43 | Views: 592
Start: 29-07-2022 |End: 06-09-2022
Professor Stavros Katsios Chair holder of the UNESCO Chair TCHER is participating in the round table on "Best Practices for the Promotion of Intercultural Dialogue in local Communities".
UNESCO celebrates the 30th anniversary of the UNITWIN / UNESCO Chairs Programme
Posted: 28-07-2022 23:30 | Views: 2175
Start: 28-07-2022 |End: 04-11-2022
UNESCO is convening a 30th anniversary celebration of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme at its headquarters in Paris from 3-4 November 2022.
Conference on Digital Heritage, CUT, Lemesos/Cyprus, November 7th-11th 2022
Posted: 24-07-2022 15:14 | Views: 688
Start: 24-07-2022 |End: 12-11-2022
The UNESCO and European Research Area (ERA) Chairs on Digital Heritage are announcing the International EuroMed 2022 conference dedicated on Digital Cultural Heritage Documentation, Preservation and Protection. The UNESCO Chair on Threats to Cultural Heritage and Cultural Heritage related Activities at the Ionian University takes part and strongly supports the conference.
Seminar on Dialogue between China and Greek Civilization “Classic Philosophical Thoughts and Contemporary International Relations”
Posted: 21-07-2022 13:02 | Views: 639
The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, in collaboration with the Research Center of China-EU Relations, School of Social Sciences and Tsinghua University, co-organized the seminar “Classic Philosophical Thoughts and Contemporary International Relations”.
Workshop—Ancient Wisdom for Modern Challenges
Posted: 21-07-2022 01:56 | Views: 732
Elena Avramidou, Associate Professor of Philosophy (Peking University), and member of the Steering Committee of the UNESCO Chair on Threats to Cultural Heritage of the Ionian University attended the Workshop “Workshop—Ancient Wisdom for Modern Challenges" organised by the Athens Academy in which took part scholars specialising in Ancient Greek and Chinese Philosophy.
The UNESCO Chair of the Ionian University was represented at the UNESCO/EU Conference "Strengthening the fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property"
Posted: 11-06-2022 01:22 | Views: 2352
This EU-UNESCO Conference organized on June 9, 2022 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris Dr. Christos Tsirogiannis head of the WG Illicit Antiquities' Trafficking of the UNESCO Chair on Threats to Cultural Heritage and Cultural Heritage -related Activities at the Ionian University, was a invited speaker at the panel.
The UNESCO Campus Team 2022
Posted: 01-06-2022 14:53 | Views: 692
After a remarkable presentation and debate
Calling all university professors to participate in a survey on work engagement and burnout during COVID-19
Posted: 05-04-2022 23:08 | Views: 4708
Start: 05-04-2022 |End: 08-04-2022
 We are forwarding an invitation of UNESCO to the university professors worldwide Are you a university professor? If so, this survey is for you. Life for university professors can be tough, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Engagement and burnout levels in work teams relate to their effectiveness and performance, as they impact the amount of effort that people put (...)
Workshop in Security and Intelligence Studies, Pafos/Cyprus, April 15-17, 2022
Posted: 21-03-2022 00:54 | Views: 1730
Start: 21-04-2022 |End: 30-04-2022
Attached files
en  pdf.png  Εργαστήριο στην Πάφο
Size: 412.3 KB :: Type: PDF document
en  pdf.png  Press Release
Size: 93.56 KB :: Type: PDF document
Neapolis University Pafos in Cyprus, the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham in the UK (BUCSIS) and UNESCO Chair on Threats to Cultural Heritage and Cultural Heritage -related Activities, will be co-organising an intensive workshop in Security and Intelligence studies from April 15 to April 17, 2022.
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